How common is male infertility, and what tests can detect male infertility?

Nowadays, infertility is a common hindrance among couples, which is making most couples deprived of the prominent and beloved happiness of their lives while distressing their lifestyle upside down. Though conceiving can be a complicated process, it doesn’t mean you cannot improve the level of infertility in your life. Thus, effective treatments and procedures can enhance the likelihood of getting pregnant with your partner and delivering a healthy baby. However, to proceed further with the complications of male infertility, you need to understand-

Male Infertility

What is Male Infertility?

Male Infertility is a condition in which a male cannot impregnate his partner successfully even after trying for unprotected sex for more than one year. It generally occurs when a male has severe issues with his reproductive organs.

How Common is Male Infertility?

According to research done by doctors of All India Institue of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS), it has been found that around 12-18 million couples in India are facing the hindrances of severe infertility in their life and the number is increasing day by day. Though among millions of couples, the percentage of male infertility is higher than female infertility.

What are the common symptoms of male infertility?

The biggest symptom of male infertility is the inability to conceive a child with a female partner. However, there are other prominent symptoms too that direct you are suffering from male infertility-

  • Suffering from pain, swelling, or lump in the testicular area.

  • Inability to smell

  • Often respiratory diseases

  • Chromosomal or hormonal disability

  • Lower sperm count than usual

  • Loosening the quality of sperm 

  • Abnormal breast growth

What are the available tests to detect male infertility?

1. Semen Analysis- Semen analysis is one of the simple and efficient infertility tests for males. In this, a man provides his semen sample by masturbating and ejaculating in a container. 

2. Physical examination and medical history- In this examination, your genitals will be examined and questions will be asked regarding your inherited conditions, chronic health problems, illnesses, surgeries, etc. You will also be asked about your sexual habits and complications, if any, at the time of puberty.

3. Scrotal Ultrasound- In this test, high-frequency sound waves are used to form images of the inside of your body. A scrotal ultrasound will aid your doctor to find if there is a varicocele or other major concerns in your testicular area.

4. Transrectal Ultrasound- In this test, a small lubricated wand gets inserted into your rectum area. It acknowledges the doctor about the blockages of the tubes that carry semen and make it travel.

5. Hormone Testing- Hormone testing can be done by a blood test which will guide you about the level of testosterone and other hormones. It is generally done to find out what are the possible abnormalities in your organ system that might lead to male infertility.

6. Post-ejaculatory urine testing- Sperm in your urine can be a sign that when you ejaculate, your sperms flow backwards into your bladder instead of coming out from the tip of your penis.

7. Genetic tests- Usually, when the sperm concentration remains low, it could be considered a genetic cause. As in chromosome disability, the men have two “X” chromosomes and one “Y” chromosome than having one “X” chromosome and one “Y” chromosome. 

8. Testicular biopsy- In this test, samples are removed from the testicle with the assistance of a needle. If the result shows that sperm production is normal then you will realise that you have complications in your tubes that carry your semen from one place to another. 

When to visit the In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) clinic?

Male infertility is as vital as any other disease, and one should never be ashamed when it comes to having a consultation with IVF specialists. These specialists with their rich experience will help you to solve all your queries while guiding you through all the steps of an IVF treatment which are necessary to take. Therefore, to solve all the complications of male infertility, visit the best IVF centre in Noida, Crysta IVF.  We at Crysta IVF believe in providing efficient IVF costs in Noida so that every couple can have a chance to fulfil their dreams.


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